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May 18, 2017, by Ryan Neal

Why should you vote in the General Election?

In the 2015 general election the winning party won with 24% of all eligible votes. A staggering 34% of eligible voters did not vote at all. 9.1 million women abstained and less than 50% of eligible voters aged 18-24 did not turn out to the polls. You have the right to vote and to take your future in your hands. We asked our student bloggers why they think it’s important to vote in the upcoming general election on Thursday 8 June.

Shweta – First year, Medicine

Almost 9 decades ago, women won the right to vote. As a woman myself, I believe that the success of women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom is an opportunity for us to add our voice to the chorus that will become the decision-making face of our nation in the years to come. I believe that every eligible citizen should honour the progress that democracy has made over the years by voting. Take your chance. Know what you’re voting for and most importantly, stand by it.

Andrew – Masters student, Physiology

Remember when you voted for James Arthur to win X Factor 2012? Remember that time when you voted for Conchita Wurst to win Eurovision 2014? Remember when you voted Katy Price to win Celebrity Big Brother in 2015? Remember that time where you didn’t vote in the general election and now you’re stuck being governed by a party you don’t support and doesn’t have your best interest in mind? The first three on this list have already happened. For better or for worse, you exerted a tiny amount of effort to endorse someone you liked. The latter event hasn’t occurred — not yet, anyways. If you consider watching and voting for Z-lister ‘celebrities’ arguing in a flat a worthy use of your time and effort, then pray too you will cast your vote over your own future. What’s more, standard network rates do not apply, and you don’t have to ask for the bill payer’s permission!

Siobhan – First year, History

You should vote, simply because you can. It is your right to. So many millions of people do not have the privilege, and we are fortunate enough to be able to walk freely to our polling stations and make a choice about who we want to lead our country. Regardless of whether you think your vote will make a difference, please just go and vote. The number of people who chose to not vote in the last election amounted to a higher number than the total votes for the winning party. That fact alone would suggest that actually, your vote does very much so matter.

The deadline for registering to vote is 11.59pm, Monday 22 May. It’s really easy and takes just a few minutes. Visit the government website to register to vote now.

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