May 2, 2017, by Andrew

5 money saving tips to help fuel summer fun

Summer is fast approaching – though you might not be able to tell on account of the frosty mornings and wet weather of late. Whether you’re a fresher or a postgrad, chances are you’re starting to think about making some plans to lap up some sun in a new and exciting place. But woe betide he who stares longingly, perilously into his overdraft summary in order to pursue that ever=elusive natural tan. But it need not seem impossible to afford some travel- or holiday-ing on those last few sacred pounds from your last instalment of your student loan. Here’s a few simple ideas to cut a few corners and put more coppers in your vacay jar.

  1. Have one less drink per week. Whether it’s cutting a dose of morning caffeine, or laying off the lagers for just one round, that’s a few bob a week closer to a budget airfare.

    Likely saving: £3/week


  1. Visit the green grocers. If you normally get your fruit and veg from a supermarket (that is of course, IF you get fruit and veg – freshers I’m looking at you), take a trip to your local grocer and you’ll probably save yourself a bomb compared to supermarket rates.

    Likely saving: £5/week


  1. Check out a charity shop. Charity shops are cool. There, I said it. They occasionally harbour absolute vintage gems, for the price of a packet of hobnobs – you’re saving money, getting some new garms, and giving money to charity all at the same time. Win-win-win!

    Likely saving: who knows, but I recently picked up a brand-new Tommy jacket for £3, soooo.


  1.  Walk. Sounds simple because it is. If you normally get the bus or tram to Uni/ sports/ night out, walk on the nicer days.

    Likely saving: £5/week


  1. Make your own lunch. We all enjoy not having to cook for ourselves all the time, but if you find yourself always buying lunch on a lazy Monday, put in a little effort and make something yourself in advance.

    Likely saving: £3/week


None of these suggestions require much effort or sacrifice, but could easily stand to save you  ~£20/week on average. Stick to it every week from now until July and you’re already ~£200  up. That’s a return flight to somewhere in Europe with a budget airline, and 5 nights in your average hostel!

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