April 28, 2017, by Amy

The 3 Emotional Stages of Being in Your Final Term

The end is nigh.



Just point blank denial. No it is not nearly May and that is when I finish. Graduation? What’s that? Definitely not something that is happening to me this July. I refused to let myself think about it and was just pretending to be a first year again. I feel like a child clinging onto their parents legs – or better yet – like Rose at the end of the titanic. Don’t let go UoN!


That realisation that oh okay, this really is happening. What’s next? You get asked by every relative several times what your life plan is, to which you probably have no reply (and if you do – props on you for having your life sorted, please tell me how to do that!). You start having to take those graduate scheme emails seriously and finally realise it’s nearly time for you to fly the nest. Ready or not. You start realising all the ‘last times’ like ‘oh this is the last time i’ll have a seminar here’ and a wave of panic washes over you. The ‘real world’ is coming at you!

I’m not ready to go!


Okay so I’m not quite there yet, but I think I’m making my way. ┬áThe way i’m choosing to think about it is – at least I am upset to leave. That means I’ve had a really fantastic time these past three years and would want nothing more than to rewind back to freshers week and do it all again. I’m also starting to think about all the crazy new things I could be up to in the years to come, I’ve lived my entire life with a strong idea of what was coming the following year and for the first time I don’t have that and that is something that, whilst scary, is also super exciting. I’m not waving goodbye to Nottingham because I am living here next year and I know just like Hogwarts, UoN will always be here to welcome me home.

If only the train back to my hometown was the Hogwarts Express!

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