April 13, 2017, by Chloe

Making Third Term Easier

Despite it only being week one of a lovely month long Easter vacation, I’m already thinking about going back to Nottingham at the end of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving spending time with my family and relaxing, but the looming exams and deadlines make it difficult to fully switch off for long. Which has got me thinking – what can I do now, whilst in the comfort of my own home (with hot baths and comfy sofas) that will make the transition back to uni for exams easier?

I don’t want to carry all of my notes and textbooks back with me. Some can stay here after I’ve completed my coursework, but I need to finally read others that I’ve had lying on my shelf all term.

Turns out the recommended books can be quite interesting once you actually start reading them.

Before arriving in my halls for the first time I meticulously planned everything I was taking, but after 3 trips home as well as visits from family my small room was becoming increasingly cramped. Next time I need to fit everything in one suitcase and this can only be done with a massive clear out. Several trips to the charity shop are in order I think.

Anybody got any tips for packing light?

The first time climbing up Portland hill when racing between lectures after Christmas was a killer. With the weather being nicer this break than last, I need to make sure I at least go for a walk daily. Not only will it make the transition back easier, it will help clear my mind for revision too. So far I’ve managed it, but it is only day six…

Maybe I should invest in some new trainers too…

Coins are invaluable at university, for buses, laundry and buying chocolate brownies in Starbucks (Lent’s given me a one-track mind). Over Christmas vacation I collected all the tips from my waitressing job as change and brought it back, which stopped me wasting so much money in order to get £2 for the washer in change. Hopefully I can save enough to last me these final few weeks!

Side note: I still haven’t received one of the fancy new £1 coins, so if you get any, you know where to send them 😉

There’s not point spending the whole vacation stressing when we’ve just had what felt like the longest term ever. Therefore I’m trying to ensure I do something every day that isn’t work related, whether that’s a trip to the theatre, a walk or a meal with friends. Having something planned in the afternoons has been great so far for motivating me in the mornings as well – I need to get work done so I can go out guilt free!

My local cinema is even cheaper than the Savoy, but lacks the retro vibe

Please note: These are all hypothetical ideas/fantasies – so far I’ve spent most of my time in bed with Netflix on, waiting for the end of Lent so I can overindulge in ALL of the chocolate I’ve missed out on!

Hope you all have a happy and productive Easter!

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