February 24, 2017, by Danny Bav

Storm Doris

Those poor bins!

Well I haven’t blogged for a while ever since being caught up with the whirlwind that was exams and then a busy start to the semester with my dissertation, but I have found a calm within the storm to relax for a bit and reflect on the last few weeks. Speaking of storms, that storm Doris the other day was crazy, I was travelling in it and I was almost blown off the path. Something that really amused me was that every wheelie bin I walked past that day was blown over onto the floor!

Anyways, I was on the train up to Sheffield the other day and to feel productive I decided to do some uni work on the train. Much to my surprise, an A-level student came and sat down next to me and asked me about what work I was doing. After a quick exchange of introductions I’d found out that he’d just been to an open day in Nottingham and was wondering whether he should firm his offer or decide upon his other universities.

Here was my time to shine. To sell Nottingham to him after I’ve had a wonderful experience here over the last three years. I talked to him about: courses, studying, campus life, societies, clubs, the night scene, the day scene and at times I thought I was talking waaaay too much, but he seemed gripped onto everything I was telling him, making him more and more excited about university in general. We parted ways when I had to switch trains, but this small encounter trigged feelings of nostalgia for Nottingham. It gave me a moment to stop and reflect how far I’ve come, from being an excited A-level student like him attending open days, to an almost-graduate, ready to head out into the big wide world.

So, just as a quick reminder, sometimes we just need to stop from the whirlwind that is uni and just appreciate it for a second. You may be under pressure, snowed under with work, or perhaps just feeling unproductive, but remember you’re probably going to look back at university in the future and look at all the great times you had. So take a breather and enjoy the time you have left at university!

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