January 20, 2017, by Amy

Terrible Revision Advice

Absolutely the worst things you can do when you have exams and deadlines coming up (but we all do them anyway)…

1.Start a new show on Netflix
It’s two days before your exam, you really need to make the most of the precious time and study hard to meet your maximum potential. So what do you decide to do? ‘Hey they’ve released the season of A Series of Unfortunate Events? Sweet! I’m gonna binge watch it until I feel so guilty at 2am that I just sleep!’. Half the time it doesn’t even have to be a new TV show. Rewatch all 8 seasons of Scrubs (we don’t talk about season 9) for the 7th time? Sounds like a great plan!



2.Go to the library without premade snacks
You want to head out because your house has reached sub-zero temperatures and the only way you can manage to type on your laptop without your hands seizing up is by heading to the warm comfort of the library. There’s one crucial difference between the library and home though – your access to free food (..well unless you have not got your weekly shop yet and you’re trying to get by on couscous and pot noodle). My bank balance discourages me from going to the library as I end up raiding the Starbucks and buying so many cups of tea.


Can assure you my revision snacks include much more than an apple!


3.Cramming is both efficient and effective
Why spend so much time revising when you can do an allnighter the night before? No matter how many times we tell ourselves we’re going to start revising as soon as Christmas is over, somehow the time always seems to catch us up. You try and follow the advice, early night, eat some fruit, revise little and often, but sometimes old habits die hard.


‘Why did I leave it all to last minute AGAIN?!’


On a more serious note, sometimes exam and coursework stress can get to us all. If you’re finding it all a bit too much to handle, use the following services provided by the university. Remember you are not alone 🙂


University Counselling Service 

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