November 25, 2016, by Amy

5 Things I’ll Miss About Living In A Student House

I could finally relate to the TV show Friends.

Recently excited first and second years have been stumbling into our house, checking out the rooms and seeing if they want to rent the home. Watching them walk in, Starbucks and Unipol pamphlets in hand I am transported back to January 2015 when me and my friends ambitiously went house hunting.

There are several things I won’t miss about living in a student house. Sharing a tiny bathroom with 3 other people, not being able to cook pasta at 3 in the morning without disturbing anyone. But watching the fresh faces come through the doorway as they embarked on their next big adventure together made me realise that in six months time I will move out of this house and there are so many things I will miss.


  1. Being Social With Minimal Effort
    You make your way downstairs for what you think is just going to be a quick tea and toast break but before you know it you’re snuggled up in blankets watching a Disney film with your friends. It’s socialising without having to organise anything and make your way out of the house!


  2. A Helping Hand
    ‘Guys can someone check if I’ve left my straighteners on please?’ ‘I have an Amazon parcel arriving at 10am, is anyone home?’ ‘Sorry can someone check if I locked the front door?’ There is something so warming knowing that you have a second family at home, ready to back you up if you forget something or are in need of a favour.


  3. A Collective Chaos
    You’re all students and you are all sharing the same collective experience. You can go downstairs and have a giant meltdown over the coursework that’s due in tomorrow and everyone there will just get it and you’ll always be there to support and help each other out. I’ll never forget the glances we all made to each other when we signed the contract for the house and saw sentences none of us understood.


    “So… how do we get our deposit back?”

  4. Celebrating Holidays
    Whether it be pumpkin carving, secret Santa or covering the house in tinsel there is nothing more fun than getting to share the holidays with your friends. Going out and buying a cheap Christmas tree for the first time or opening your advent calendars together – the holidays are so much more special when they are shared with your housemates.


  5.  The People
    The bonds you make at university are so unique. You meet everyone and then three months later you decide to rent a house with them. It is fast paced madness and before you know it they’re your second family, assuming mother, father, younger sibling and grandparent roles. This may be the only time in my life I will ever live with my friends and it’s an absolute wild ride. So here’s to the next 6 months and making them count!


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