July 15, 2016, by Amy

5 Reasons Why Nottingham Buses Are The Best

After living in Nottingham for two years now I have become familiar with the NCT bus system. One of the main things that enticed me about the city was its reputation for great public transport and I am here to tell you why it has lived up to that reputation.

1.Electronic Bus Times
The times of the bus arrivals are on an electronic bulletin board that alerts you as to what time the bus is arriving. Gone are the days when I had to frantically google my bus timetable to no avail – instead you can be assured that the board will let you know exactly what time your bus is expected.



2.The Buses Talk 
There were so many times in my hometown where I sat on a bus and then spent the entire journey panicking that I wouldn’t get off at the right stop. If I lost concentration for a second I would go right past it. Well in Nottingham, many of the buses actually speak to you, an announcement sounding every time you approach a new stop, so you can chat to friends or sit back and relax (but maybe leave one earphone out!)


3.So Many Double Deckers
Every bus I take, most commonly the 34, 35 or 36 are always double decker! You’re almost guaranteed a seat as long as you’re not getting on at rush time when lectures are starting and you happen to live at the end of Derby road! It also requires you to become masterful with your balance, clambering up the stairs whilst the bus is in full motion whilst holding your bus pass, phone and keys. Sign me up for the next ninja warrior!


4.They Go Everywhere
So many frequent stops, almost every inch of the central town can be reached from the bus so whether you need to get to the train station or just pop into the Victoria centre it’s so easy! The 34 also has three stops on campus itself, meaning that whether you’re in the physics building or Trent, you can stop almost right outside. They’re also super accessible for disabled people with plenty of allocated seats and spaces for wheelchairs.

5.Hopper Buses Are Free!
Want to get between the University of Nottingham campuses? Easy! Just ‘hop’ onto the hopper buses completely free of charge!

All in all they are a complete contrast to the buses I am used to from my home town and I’m very thankful for the excellent service the NCT provide!

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