June 10, 2016, by Olivia

Eating Your Way Around Campus

Having spent nearly 4 years at this university and with a lot of that time being on University Park Campus, I have had my fair share of meals here. In this post I will share with you my 3 favourite places to grab a bit on campus whether it is a lovely day out or just another cramming session in the library.

  1. Vesper @ Willoughby Hall (Meal Cost: £5.20)



This was the first on my list as I was a fresher in Willoughby Hall way back in 2012 where this bar ran by a different name which was “The Mix”. This is and was always a favourite of mine as they were the only hall bar to serve pizza everyday with the added bonus of just being downstairs from my bedroom! This is as lazy as you can get in terms of using your lunch card. Now they also serve milkshakes which aren’t half bad considering it only cost me £1.20!

2. George Green Library Cafe (Meal Cost: £4.85)


This one makes it to the cut as I was in the library every single day revising for my 6 final exams for half the month of May. Let me just say this is the most amount of time I have spent in the library throughout the whole of my degree. Thank goodness for the cafe where I got my caffeine fix at least twice a day and lunch options when I forgot to bring my own. They have lots of options from hot pastries, paninis, salads, cold sandwiches and of course the coffee (you can even get iced coffee here during the summer months!).

3. Mooch (Meal Cost: £5.50)



I am going to be honest as I the day I went to Mooch, I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry and only had the sweet potato fries and a chocolate & peanut butter milkshake. However while you can’t get a burger from Mooch on your daily allowance on a student meal card, it is still one of the best places on campus to get a burger.

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