April 4, 2016, by Emily Howard

Who needs a grad job when you can do all this…?!

Your Bachelor’s Degree title is creeping ever closer, and instead of relishing the thought of putting BA or BSc after your name, you’re wishing you had another year because, quite frankly, real life is scary. No? Just me? Ok then, let’s just pretend I tried and failed to get a grad job; like many other students embarking on the voyage of post-student life. If you relate to any of the above, here are some tips on how to survive the “So what are your plans now?” questions come summer.

1. You’re literally post-grad, so why not do… well… post-grad?


Let’s face it, student living is the best way of living. And third year was the best, right? Just hide in Hallward until you’re ready for real life.

2. Post-grad and travel ALL IN ONE


If money’s putting you off your Master’s, look further! There are plenty of places on the continent where studying comes at a far lower price than in England. The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden are leading the way for cheaper tuition, and studying abroad is impressive on the CV. Find the perfect country and course for you!

3. Those who can’t do, teach


One word: TEFL. Well, technically four words. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a like learning, working and travelling all in one, with opportunities spanning the globe.

4. Or just, y’know, travel


….gap yah? Now’s your last chance! Once you have a full-time and serious job, you won’t be able to up and leave. And increasing globalisation means learning about the world is important. Well… that’s how to justify it to the parents.

5. It’s all about experience


You may have be sick of the word “internship”, or it may be a word you heard once at a careers fair and can’t remember the meaning of. In any case, the careers advisers were probably right. It IS all about experience, and now you realise you have none… oops. Fear no more, plenty of companies offer internships after graduation – of which quite a few either pay up or offer the premise of a job. You can be that mysteriously cool intern.

So don’t worry if you didn’t get that Goldman Sachs interview (or didn’t fancy applying to Aldi). There are plenty of alternatives – life is out there.

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