March 18, 2016, by Charlie Porter

A Final Year’s Bucket List

With my last day of lectures tomorrow, my final hand-ins approaching and my dissertation just around the corner, the end is ver much nigh for me (I do a great degree that doesn’t have exams btw). The more little hurdles I pass the more real it’s becoming… and scary. I can remember getting my offer from Nottingham like it was almost yesterday and I have had more fun here than I ever could have imagined, but three years just isn’t enough – there’s still so much I need to do!

And so what is more appropriate than a bucket list…


1. Go to Sherwood Forest.
When I first got my offer at Nottingham, I envisaged the forest to be on the outskirts of town, where we’d all go for winter walks and summer rambles. I was right – Sherwood Forest is on the outskirts… of I’m not really sure where. Perhaps it was the journey that put me off but it is an absolute crime to leave this city without going to see the home of Robin Hood, and on that note…

2. …Go to Nottingham Castle.
It’s true, I haven’t been. How disgustingly uncultured of me.


3. Take a picture in front of the Nottingham sign on campus.
Whenever I loop round that part of campus I always cringe at the groups lolling about on the grass in front of the colourful letters. It’s especially entertaining when you see a group trying to capture the moment on self-timer. But there’s a small part that really wants to do it and plus it’ll make a sick cover photo (you’ve thought that too).

4. Try one of the food challenges at the Rose’n’Crown.
It may mean not eating for a week, but if I can get my face on that wall of fame it’ll be worth it.


5. Go back to Oceana.
A place I haven’t yet ventured back to since Freshers Week, it would be nice to revisit some of the rooms again. Can’t say I say the same about Forum though…

6. Go to Boiler Room.
I’ve heard the amazing things about these cocktails that lurk behind the hidden walls but I have yet to taste them.


7. Revisit my old hall.
There’s nothing more that I’d love to do than grab a bunch of my old hall-friends and had back to the JCR for a few drinks, a game of pool and a blast back to the past.

8. Sledge down the downs.
It’s still winter… there’s still time.

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9. Get into the last ever Ocean.
I wasn’t lucky enough to nab one of the end of END of term Ocean tickets so if you’re reading this and want to help a graduating final year out… holla.

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