February 29, 2016, by Gemma Coleman

Top Study Spots in Notts

When I’m writing an essay at home, I like to move about from room to room, convincing myself that I’ll be more productive if I work somewhere else. In reality, it’s just a pretty shoddy attempt at avoiding reading another article. There is something quite refreshing, though, in studying in a different setting to normal and, so, here are my favourite places to work on campus (and not a glimpse of Hallward in sight).

Café Trent

If you like listening to absolute tunes whilst you work (think Westlife and Aretha Franklin) and don’t mind it getting busy at lunchtime, Café Trent is a good place to set up camp for work you don’t have to concentrate on too much. Another plus here is that you’re in a café, so you don’t have to travel too far for food. I like to opt for the healthy brainfood options, such as the delicious, definitely under-100 calories chocolate brownies (because eat clean February).

In sum: lakeside views and banging choons

No reservation necessary

No reservation necessary

CLAS Study Area

Ok, so technically this is supposed to be a space just for CLAS students, but I’m pretty much a badman. The comfy chairs are reminiscent of Hallward’s bottom floor, so there’s no worry about getting homesick, but the real gamechanger here is the kitchen. I planned ahead and brought a mug and earl grey teabags with me and then sat there looking pretty smug as I sipped away during yet another, clearly well deserved study break.

In sum: for dedicated tea drinkers who are willing to bring their own supplies

Putting the kitchen back into kitchenette (whatever that means)

Putting the ‘kitchen’ back into kitchenette (whatever that means)

Indeed mug, indeed

Indeed mug, indeed

Djanogly Library

Neglecting Jubilee is all too easy when you don’t study on it, but living in Lenton means it’s a convenient 10-minute walk away and therefore much more appealing to study in on your days off. The Djanogly library is the one that looks a bit like a spaceship and is in the lake. My favourite thing to do here, besides studying obviously, is looking out at the water, trying my best to look all moody and philosophical – it aids the creative process.

In sum: the only upside down conical frustum-shaped building this side of the West Midlands


Room with a view

So if you need me, these are the places you’ll probably find me – deep in essay thought and ready to move to the next location.

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