February 3, 2016, by Gemma Coleman

What’s On in Notts

Now that I’m a third year, I like to think of myself as a Nottingham guru and just because the ‘new year, new me’ of January might have started to wear thin by now, doesn’t mean you should stop trying new things.

So here’s a short list of things to do in Notts this week other than dancing to the same cheesy playlist at a certain aquatically-named student night club every Friday.

Light Night

What first drew my attention to this night festival was the free entry to the castle (because I feel it’s my duty to visit before I graduate but am too stingy to pay – Robin Hood never got charged, did he?) Nottingham Light Night festival takes places on Friday 5th February and includes lots of free events across the city after dark.

The most appealing events for me are the ‘Painting with Light’ event at the Art Deco Warehouse and the Dream Lake event (which basically involves making paper boats and sailing them on some body of water or another which I can’t quite figure out, but sounds cool).


market square

Source: Nottingham Post

Nottingham Contemporary

In my hometown, we have two museums and both are filled with crockery and the odd collectable spoon. Needless to say, when you’ve seen one commemorative plate, you’ve seen them all, so having a modern art gallery that puts on new exhibitions every few months is a real treat (the current exhibition ‘Monuments Should Not Be Trusted’ was admittedly not my favourite, but good for fans of video installations).

If you’re not into all that culture stuff, though, there’s a pretty big café downstairs, which also hosts different bands every Saturday night for free – pretty good if you’re looking for a cheap night out that doesn’t involve sticky floors or endless queues for the girl’s toilets.


Should we trust this green pointy thing? Nottingham Contemporary thinks not

Should we trust this green pointy thing? Nottingham Contemporary thinks not


Eating is always pretty high on my to do list, stemming more often from boredom than actual hunger. Going out for a meal is one of my favourite things to do and finding somewhere other than the usual Pizza Express (NB, nothing against you personally Pizza Express, I want to swim in your garlic butter) is always pretty refreshing. So, this Saturday I’m hoping to go along to the Vegan Food Market at Sneinton Market (11am-3pm) (not that I’m vegan or anything, because crispy bacon) and the newly opened Thai street food restaurant Zaap – I’ve heard they have tuk tuks for chairs and that’s pretty much convinced me that the food must be good.

TIE food (really scraping the barrel here)

TIE food (really scraping the barrel here)




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