December 11, 2015, by Charlie Porter

Why I’m Looking Forward to Christmas at Home


It is officially the season to be jolly. Christmas trees are being erected, the market is in full slow, shoppers are still manically rampaging through Black Friday’s leftovers in an effort to scrape together their Christmas shopping. Us restless students have finally handed in our Decemeber deadlines and are free of Hallward and George Green, spending the last few nights in Nottingham celebrating and counting down the days we can go home for Christmas… And why wouldn’t we be?




No longer will we have to think about what to make for dinner – or even, if we have anything for dinner. No more making a weekly shop last over a month; no more Tesco’s Basic meat or cereal for dinner; no more chicken pesto pasta or Boots meal deals. Nope – because Mum’s taking care of us now.

central heating

Central Heating

Unless you’re in a bills-included house (you lucky bugger), the ends of your toes will probably be suffering from mild frostbite by now. Only a student knows the struggles of being so cold you have to wear you winter coat inside the house. And because no one wants to be the person to raise the heating bill, we survive by spending that one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening pressed as close as we can get to the radiator. Not at home though. The fire will be blazing, the radiators burning, and we will all lounge around in an abundance of blankets and dressing gowns until we finally remember what warmth actually felt like.



No 9am’s or early-morning tutorials. No evening trainings sessions. No going out purely on a whim of FOMO. The holidays is a chance to catch up on a whole term’s worth of sleep. Regardless of exam studying, I guarantee you’ll spend the first week back in bed.


and finally

It’s Christmas!

Because who isn’t looking forward to Santa coming to town?



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