November 27, 2015, by Charlie Porter

Abstract Thoughts of a Third Year

  • The ‘any plans after uni’ question makes me realise I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life.


  • Telling someone I’m in third year isn’t as sexy as it sounds. “I’m a Fresher” suggests freedom, copious nights out on the town, and a general endeavour for fun. Second years allude mysteriousness: living in Lenton has exposed them to a different kind of life and yes, while their grades actually count this year, don’t underestimate their ability to party. “I’m a third year“, however, signifies a caffeinated emotional breakdown waiting to happen.


  • How useful Careers and Employability Services is, and how I really should have started using it in second year.


  • Drinking is not as fun as it used to be. I walk down the alcohol aisle and see each bottle as a flashback to a nightmare, rather than a ticket to a good time. I spend my pre-drinks crying my way through a £4.50 bottle of Rosé  while the first and second years laugh and sing gaily around me; and no, I really don’t-like-to-drink-with-third-years, despite being any form of ‘mate’.


  • By signing up to as many job-related websites and making a LinkedIn Profile I believe I will somehow get employed.


  •  I’ve been to Ocean so many times to know that Breaking Free will shortly come on after the Abba-attack.


  • As this year is my last year as a student before I fly the nest and venture into the world of adulthood, hoping to discover my path to success, it will also be my last year to use the student meal-deal in McDonalds.


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