November 23, 2015, by Olivia

My Favourite Coffee Shops in Nottingham ☕️

You got that right.

Like most university students I have a wonderful relationship..with coffee. Coffee may just be my one true love that comes in many forms, but my top three has got to be the flat white, espresso macchiato or a latte (usually my go-to when a flat white isn’t available). Lately I have been cafe-hopping quite a lot in an attempt to be productive. Libraries stress me out and my student home has too many distractions. Therefore I give myself some motivation by sitting down with a nice cuppa.*

*It is just an excuse to have coffee really, if you couldn’t tell.

Let’s get to the list shall we?

1. Wired Cafe

wired cafe

Oh Wired Cafe, where do I start? I love love love the flat white here, please do not ask me what is in it because I do not know. All I know is that I like it and I keep coming back for it. There are two drinks I always order at Wired, the Flat White for most of the year and the Iced Flat White during the summer. It is that good.

I don’t know why but sipping a flat white at Wired just makes you feel at home. The cafe also has a really cosy environment and a downstairs area that is very conducive for getting work done. (Plus they have super quick WiFi for all your journal-downloading needs and the occasional Facebook wander) Service is always amazing, and is probably one of the (many) reasons I keep going back!

2. 200 Degrees Cafe

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200 degrees is also another one of my favourite spots. However I tend to frequent this place less often as it is often quite busy and can be difficult to nab a spot. If you are lucky though most tables are next to a plug point which is fantastic if you are going to be there a while and your laptop runs out of juice.

Another great thing about 200 degrees is the longer opening hours, so if you don’t get an early start to your day and want to be able to sit somewhere to get at least a couple hours of work done later in the day, this place would probably be your best bet.

3. Greenhood Coffee House

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Located in Beeston, I had a good feeling about this place. The cafes in town can get very busy, which is was why it was nice for a change to be in Greenhood where even as customers were constantly coming and going, it was more relaxed. I think it also had to do with the way the restaurant was furnished, big windows, white walls and wooden furniture, it was just understated calmness which; surprise surprise is also very good for working on my coursework.

I nearly forgot the most important bit, the coffee! Oh. My. Goodness. It tasted divine, this is probably the first coffee shop I have been to in Nottingham that has come close to the flat white at Wired. While the flat white at Wired feels like home, the coffee at Greenhood has that amazing punch of flavour. Please never make me choose between them!

4. Ugly Bread Bakery


This one is a bit of a cheat because I haven’t tried their coffee. I guess I will have to head back and conduct more “research”. However, their thick Italian hot chocolate is to die for. Not to mention the whole cafe smells like freshly-baked bread, so I could not resist getting one of their sandwiches. Excuse the bite-marks, it was so delicious I could not wait. They even have lovely seats by the window where you can sit and watch people (or trams) go by.


The independent cafe scene is probably on my list of the things that I’ll miss the most about Nottingham. If you are new to Nottingham or just never heard of these places, I really recommend you try them out! Who knows, they may become your new favourite spot. On a side note, I was judged quite a bit by other customers for taking pictures of my coffee for the sake of this post. I said to anyone who asked:

“Sshh, it’s okay, it’s for this blog post I’m writing.”

That seems to be my excuse for most of my photographs these days. “Got to document this, it’s going to be on the blog!” I say, lying to myself again. Honestly, I would’ve even if I wasn’t writing this post. You CAN’T stop me. Anyway, I will leave you here and I hope you all have a lovely week ahead. I can assure you it will be better now you know where to find some good coffee (or hot chocolate)!

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