September 12, 2015, by Gemma Coleman

Applications open for best friends!

Applications are now open for a Parisian best friend!

The applicant must be in the Paris area (studying or working, no preference); willing to spend copious amounts of time in cafés having deep meaningful conversations about life and whether Taylor Swift’s transition to pop was right for her; and share a love of cats which we can hunt down together and instagram.

It is desirable for the applicant to want to be BFFs (jargon buster: Best Friends Forever). Deadline 20th September.

This will be our office headquarters

This will be our office headquarters

And so goes my expectations for my short 4 months here. Arriving in a new place is always the same for me: I arrive with unrealistic expectations of clicking with a new person immediately and that within a week, we will be laughing like old friends and sharing private jokes to the annoyance of everyone around us. Thus far, this has not happened and at first, I beat myself up for this. I should be making more of an effort! I should attend every single event the university’s Facebook page has invited me to! 3 weeks in without a new best friend is a massive fail.

My pals from Notts came to visit and it was the best

My pals from Notts came to visit and it was the best

But then I sat down and remembered my first semester at Nottingham. A semester that is full of fun and happy memories for me, but also the underlying worry that I wouldn’t be able to make friends like my friends from school. As you flicker through the chapters of your life, experiences and people are going to be different and embracing the change is part of the excitement of it all. After 2 years in Nottingham, I’ve found the most wonderful group of people, who, incidentally, are nothing like my friends from home but who I know I will still be sharing private jokes with when I leave university and attempt to find new workplace friends (eek).

Can all my friends from Nottingham just more here please? Thanks xo

Can all my friends from Nottingham just move here please? Thanks xo

Things take time and although I only have a semester here, embracing the change is what I’m going with.


Application deadline extended until December.

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