August 14, 2015, by Tilly Potter

So you’re coming to Nottingham?

If after receiving your A level results (or equivalent) you’ve found you’ve secured your place at Nottingham, then congratulations! You’re about to start at least three awesome years here. If you’re nervous, or just don’t know what to expect, that’s completely normal! I felt the same, yet here I am on the other side having just graduated.

If you’d like some official advice about what to do now, follow this link for a guide on what to do both before and after arriving in Nottingham. For some unofficial first hand experience of what life is like being a Nottingham fresher, read on! I also recommend Jennifer’s great post.

If you can, try and find out what’s going on during fresher’s week while you’re still at home, so you can try and plan your time and what you might need (i.e. themed outfits for nights out) in advance. I’d recommend purchasing a good diary or using your phone calendar to remind you about when your first meetings are, or what entertainment is on which night. If you’re not into clubbing, there are always other activities happening in the evenings. In fact, I’d recommend taking at least one night off during your first week just to relax with your new flat/hall mates, as you’ll probably find the week quite tiring!

UV was one of my themed nights out!

‘UV’ was one of my themed Fresher’s nights out (I don’t look like this normally)!

Something I’d really recommend for move-in day is bringing some sweet treats to share around, and go knocking on doors with them in order to meet people. This is a great way of meeting lots of potential new friends who live really close to you. Like many people I know, I went on to live with friends who were in my halls block for my second and third years. Even if you’re nervous, try and go around with one of your new flatmates – it’ll also help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings!

Welcome new friends in with cake

My cupcakes bring all the flatmates to my room

Finally, enjoy the rest of your holiday and look forward to the exciting time ahead – you’ll love it!

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