July 24, 2015, by Tilly Potter

My Nottingham journey: #MeantToBe

Back in the dark ages of March 2011, I made my first visit to the University of Nottingham on an undergraduate UCAS offer day. I have always been incredibly indecisive and had arguably not done the most sensible thing when I made my university application – I had only looked around one of my 5 choices beforehand, so I had no idea if I’d like the other universities I had applied to! By March I had looked around all my other choices and none of them had felt quite right, so I was praying that I’d get a good feeling about Nottingham. Thankfully, I absolutely loved the campus and the School of Psychology – so it became my first choice shortly after!

Me on my last day of sixth form - I t

Me on my last day of sixth form – I think I’ve changed a bit!

I absolutely loved my first year at Nottingham where I met so many friends in Derby Hall. If I could give any one piece of advice to new students, it would be to really enjoy your first year! While it’s good to try and do as well as you can academically, for many subjects first year marks do not count towards your final degree classification, so it’s the best time to try out new hobbies and meet new people before work gets serious in second year.

One of many Freshers week photos!

One of many Freshers week photos!

On a slightly cornier note, I feel like things were ‘Meant to be’ for me and my boyfriend, who lived up the stairs from me in halls and who I met on my very first day. Three and a half years later, and we’re still together! It’s strange (and scary) to think how different things may have been if I’d lived in a different hall!

from silly and young...

from silly and young… (Halloween, in case you were wondering!)

...to old and sensible !)

…to old and sensible(!)

Things weren’t always smooth on the student road, however. I decided to take an unconventional move and suspend my course between first and second year as I didn’t know whether I wanted to continue with psychology. Whilst at school I was a keen flute player and had considered applying to music college. I didn’t want to live with a ‘what if’, so I carried on living in Nottingham and got a job at Lakeside Arts Centre (where I still work now) while I carried out my auditions. The experience actually taught me I really missed the academic life, so I was very glad to resume my course the following year!

with my housemates in second year in a blanket fort!

with my housemates in second year in a ‘blanket fort’!

Even though it involved an awful lot of exams, I really enjoyed the final year of my degree this year and found it really interesting. One of the highlights has to be when I handed my dissertation in!

Dissertation freedom!

Dissertation freedom!

Going to Nottingham was the best decision I ever made and I’m so glad I stayed on and did well in my degree. September brings pastures new as I start a Master’s degree at Sheffield. But I shall always remain incredibly fond of and attached to Nottingham and the memories associated with my student experience. I think it’s time to get the tissues now!

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