July 15, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

Summer in Nottingham

The pop up beach is about to arrive and I’ve been thinking of things on offer for those who decided to stay in Nottingham this summer.

I binge-watched the new season of Orange Is The New Black and found myself a bit stuck for things to do, so decided to come up with some summer-themed entertainment.

If you chose to stick in Nottingham and are starting to want a little adventure, here’s a bit of inspiration for things to get up to other than watching Netflix.


Pop up beach

If this is your first summer in Nottingham, you might not know about the beach that magically appears in Market Square. The Nottingham Riviera bar opens tomorrow and the beach itself opens on the 23rd July, so if you’re missing sand and sea make the most of this and take a trip to the beach without leaving Notts.

Outdoor cinema

Watching a film outside is definitely more fun than your standard cinema trip. This time of year the Summer Nights Film Festival is held across the Midlands, so snap up some tickets for something a little different.

-sherwood-forestSherwood Forest

Remember when you first moved to Nottingham and thought it was all Robin Hood and then completely forgot after freshers? Now’s the time to take a trip to see The Major Oak (that giant tree Robin Hood hid in). Go on a warm day to escape the city centre.

Head to Derbyshire

I love Derbyshire, so this had to be on the list. It’s not something to do in Nottingham, but it is something to do if you’ve stayed in Nottingham, so it definitely counts. Visiting Derbyshire is a change of scenery without much travelling. My top pick is Chatsworth.

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