June 3, 2015, by Gemma Coleman

Fleeing the country

So I’ve followed study tip no.1: Get up from your desk. Stretch. Go for a walk. Take a bus to the airport. Get on a plane. Never return.

This year, for the first time since primary school, I had no summer exams (be jel) and 11,000 words of coursework later, I decided to flee the country. I’m currently travelling around Mexico with my boyfriend Stuart, who has just finished a year abroad here.

My ride outta here

My ride outta here

But I’m not just going to use this as an opportunity to holiday spam you. Instead, I thought I’d give a quick low down of the differences between University Park and one of Notts’ partner universities here ‘Tec de Monterrey’, Querétaro campus.

  • Tec libraries have air con… One can only dream
  • Hammocks and a slide- a novelty seemingly with the sole purpose of great selfies
  • Chairs just aren't for me

    Chairs just aren’t for me

  • A surprising lack of flip flop wearers, unlike Notts
  • Hopper bike: no hopper bus, just bikes to ride round campus (I could have done with that, my bike just sat in our lounge all year)
Push it real good

Push it real good

Anyway, too much time has been spent on campuses this year- roll on summer and good luck with any remaining exams!


Which way to the beach?

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