March 11, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

A weekend in Dublin!

I escaped Nottingham a couple of weeks ago to spend a weekend exploring Dublin! It was incredible and I’d highly recommend a trip if you’re looking for a short city break. I got up to some typical tourist stuff, so I’m sharing a few of my favourite sights with you guys today.

Our first stop was Dublin Castle, which was beautiful and the blue sky (despite it being really cold) made it feel a little bit like spring. I’m definitely a fan of the signs of spring that are emerging!

Dublin Castle

My favourite part of the trip was definitely Trinity College. The geek in me found the Science Gallery there super-duper cool. Despite saying “I go to uni all the time, I’m not going to go away to go to uni!” I’m very glad I took the trip. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a snap of the Science Gallery, but take my word for it that it’s worth a visit!

And when in Dublin, who doesn’t head to the Guinness Storehouse? I managed a shot of Guinness… but I found it pretty disgusting! The experience itself was great, though. Here’s the view from the top:

Dublin ViewAnd, of course, every trip is improved with some good food. Cronuts are always good (if you’ve still not jumped on the cronut bandwagon, you’re missing out!) and I couldn’t resist trying a Shamrock Shake. The verdict: pretty tasty, but not as exciting as I expected.


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