February 25, 2015, by Jennifer Scott

Surviving the cold

It’s undeniable that University Park Campus is beautiful, with lots of green space that makes it so much nicer to look at than city campuses. In the summer, there are plenty of outdoor spaces for reading, picnics and BBQs. What’s not to love about tall trees and patches of greenery as you travel from one building to the next?!

Unfortunately, it’s winter and I have a cold. I’ve become the annoying one who coughs during lectures and all I want to do is warm up! Despite temperatures claiming to have increased, I’m feeling colder than ever. Surely I’m not the only one who’s noticed that travelling from the West Entrance to Physics is an Arctic adventure?

I’ve developed a little trick to avoid dreaded open spaces. It’s simple but effective: stop off at the library en-route as I head across campus. It feels productive and gives me a chance to warm up! Hallward’s extreme heat is an absolute blessing in this weather and recently I’ve even been known to keep my coat on whilst inside. Madness, I know, but I’m desperate for warmth right now! Although UoN haven’t yet opened a room for napping in (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) there is the offering of beanbags, for a comfy nap that’s still kind-of productive, since you are in the library…

Add to my library-stop-offs a ridiculous amount of layers and plenty of hot chocolate (Hallward Cafe’s is the best) and I think I’ve got keeping warm pretty much sussed. If, like me, you’re not quite brave enough to nap on Hallward’s beanbags, the second best trick is definitely carrying a hot chocolate in each hand across campus. Much better than gloves and drinkable, too!

Sorry this post is a little short, but I’m a bit bombarded with uni work at the moment (plus, not sure if I mentioned it, but I have a cold!). For some reason, this semester feels so much busier than last. I’m off to Dublin tomorrow though, so look forward to an update next week!

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