February 19, 2015, by James

The Top 5 Comics to see at the Leicester Comedy Festival this Weekend

Only a quick one this week as I am currently enjoying the beautiful third year triumvirate of finishing a dissertation, mid-term exams and taking long train journeys to weird parts of the home counties (Snodland is apparently a place) in the hope of avoiding future unemployment.

I did however manage to free one day of my schedule to make it down to Leicester for the country’s oldest comedy festival. I got to see the Irish misanthrope Ciamh McDonnell and rising star Adam Hess all for a tenner and a train fare. An evening I’d recommend.

Also, to those of you going “who?” to the above the festival also boasts big names such as Jimmy Carr, Dylan Moran, Simon Amstell and the award-winning comic Paul Sinha, who you’ll more likely know as a quizzer on The Chase:


Paul Sinha

This guy (annoyingly I don’t have permission to use any images of him in full angry quizzer mode).

With this in mind I’ve assembled clips of five of the most interesting comedians on this weekend, see if any of them grab you. The full schedule is available here:


1. Lewis Schaffer


2. Paul Foot


3. Diane Spencer


4. Jarred Christmas


5. Brendon Burns (the only clean clip I could find)


See you next week!

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