February 13, 2015, by Olivia

5 Places in Nottingham Where You’d Love to Dig In!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I would show some love for Nottingham. Being me, I decided to tell you about what I think are the best places to eat in Nottingham. This could have easily been a long list, but I thought I would keep it simple and share 5 of my favourites!

1. Le Bistrot Pierre

Chocolate macron and vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate macaron and vanilla ice cream.

I have mentioned this place before in my last post back when I went there for a friend’s birthday. If you love French food in an affordable price range, this place has a two-course lunch for only £10.95! The food here is amazing and the menu changes pretty often so if you are a frequent visitor there is always something new to try out.

2. Sarangchae

Some kind of rice cake, pan cake, soup, kimchi, and chicken!

Some kind of rice cake, pan cake, soup, kimchi, and chicken from the last time I visited this joint!

Tucked away behind Victoria centre this place has legit South Korean food. I wouldn’t know the difference but I went with a friend who was South Korean and she said the food here comes pretty close to the real thing. With things like scallion pancakes, tofu soup and sizzling pork belly what is there not to like?


3. Wired Cafe

Interior of Wired Cafe (picture from TripAdvisor)

Forget the coffee chains, this place has better Coffee, not to mention menus catered for both the breakfast and lunch crowds. The environment is pretty chilled out and I am actually tempted to make a trip to town just to sit in this cafe to get productive and make the writing up of my dissertation a little less painful.


4. Tamatanga

Lamb Chettinad + Garlic Naan

Lamb Chettinad + Garlic Naan

You have probably heard of  Tamatanga with their meal deal if you dine in before 6 pm. I love curries and don’t get me started on how much I love naan and this place satisfies my Indian food craving every time with a student-friendly price tag. I recommend that you get something spicy and then cool off with their fab mango lassi, there really isn’t a better combination!


5. The White Rabbit IMG_1693 Tea houses don’t get more quaint than The White Rabbit. In my last post I mentioned another tea house called Thea Caffea and although this place was amazing, I think The White Rabbit has a better ambience from their cosy store to the tea sets. This place offers an afternoon tea for two deal which is well worth what you pay for.

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