December 12, 2014, by Gemma Coleman

Robin Hood lovin’

Last week, I unleashed my inner Maid Marian (she’s inside us all) and excitedly prepared to be part of one Notts nightclub’s Guinness World Record attempt to get as many Robin Hoods in the room as possible. Sadly, I still remain record-less- but I did learn the important lesson of not losing your friends on a night out (when everyone else in the room is dressed in green felt too, life becomes just a little more complicated).


This setback couldn’t break my Nottingham spirit though. And I wasn’t about to let the £3 costume go to waste (because hey, everyone deserves an indulgent 100% polyester Xmas treat). So, what’s one of the Merry Men to do? Why, drive to Sherwood Forest of course!

So pro I don't even need a bow and arrow

So pro I don’t even need a bow and arrow


Only a 40-minute drive away, I thought I should finally put my car to good use for things other than popping to Lidl. We only got lost once, which can only be described as a Christmas miracle because there was once a time not so long ago when I couldn’t direct someone’s Mum from my local cinema to my own home. Ah, how they grow.

Major Oak and Major hat hype

Major Oak and Major hat hype


It was a really nice day for a walk, albeit a little cold and muddy (especially when you wear white converse and forget to pack your wellies J). There were four trails, one which led us to Major Oak, the showpiece of Sherwood (called ‘Major’ not because it’s so huge, but because it was once named by an army Major- ‘what I learned on my school-trip’) I really wanted to climb it but apparently this isn’t allowed anymore: squirrels only. And sadly, I am not a squirrel. After completing the third trail (much longer than expected), our feet were pretty numb and the sun was starting to go down- time for the Merry Men to retreat back home and have a curry and a hot chocolate (just like the real Merry Men once did- or something like that).

The 'laughing post'- it wasn't that funny

The ‘laughing post’- it wasn’t that funny


Sherwood makes a nice change of scene to Wollaton Park for anyone fancying a winter walk: student blogger recommended!

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