December 1, 2014, by Olivia

Sunday Roast + Even More Christmas Cheer

Sorry guys this is going to be another food-heavy post. Maybe I should write for a food blog instead?

I have had many Sunday Roasts while in university halls. However they sometimes left a little to be desired as portions were small. However on Sunday a couple of my friends and I decided to try out Toby Carvery in Wollaton. There was an option to have a regular sized plate (which was large enough as it is) and the bigger “king-size” option. As usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I went for the king-size with a mixture of roast meat. There was turkey, gammon, pork (sadly no crackling) and beef and of course all the vegetables and gravy I could possibly want.

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My pathetic attempt to fill up my plate. 😛


Even though it was a pathetic attempt, I was unable to finish this meal. Unlike last week when I had the ghost chilli burger, this week I regretted my overambitious decision and my friend Owen had to help me finish the food on my plate!


This was my friend Shirley’s more courageous attempt. Regular sized plate pictured in the background. Photo credit: Shirley H.

Shirley was an absolute champ and managed to finish the entire plate (with a little bit of struggle) but I thought it was a really good effort on her part! Carrying on with the “meaty” theme of the week I made some duck aglio olio spaghetti for dinner tonight! It may look innocent but I misread the recipe and put two tablespoons of chilli flakes instead of two TEASPOONS. It still tasted good to me although a little too spicy for my liking! I’ll include a link to where I got the recipe below if any of you would like to make it.

Aglio olio spaghetti with roast duck and sundried tomatoes. Recipe here.


In other non-food related news, I saw some reindeer in town!

I got to pet them too!

They were just outside the church near M&S.

I have also finally found the perfect Christmas jumper in my favourite colour with snowmen and snowflakes! I thought it was appropriate to wear to lectures today as it was the first of December. I am truly in the Christmas Spirit now.

FullSizeRender 2

How cute is this little guy?

Speaking of things to start doing on the first of December.. I can finally start to enjoy my advent calendar. Being from Malaysia I’ve never had this back home and since I’ve been here I’ve always been too late to the party to buy an advent calendar. So you can understand the excitement! (or maybe now you think I’m a child stuck in the body of a 21 year old uni student, ah well)

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Anyway, I hope you all have an exciting week ahead! In the mean time I will find more ways to get into the Christmas spirit. If you have any ideas please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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