November 23, 2014, by Laurie Jacobs

Home is where the heart (and food) is


It has been a while, so I’ll fill you in.

It’s been a hectic few weeks. Third year deadlines have taken their toll, and in the midst of essay writing stupor I decided that to reward myself for handing in this monstrosity of an assessment that I would get the train home for the weekend.

I packed my bags, made sure that I didn’t forget my 16-25 railcard, and prayed that I didn’t have to sit next to anyone strange on the train on the train back down to Brighton. Why does that always happen?

And what a decision it was!

If anyone is undecided, here is why you should definitely go home at some stage during term if you have the chance.

– It’s warm. Any habitual readers of this blog will know my hatred of poor household temperature regulation. It turns out, with the beauty of having fixed incomes; my parents can afford to lift this house out of the minus figures, a welcome reprieve.

– The food. Not that my University cuisine isn’t great (it’s not, actually), but I had steak. That should tell you all you need to know.

– I had a bath. What sort of luxury is this?

– You get to see old mates. In most circumstances, the friends that are at home are the ones that are in work, which has the great-added benefit that they can be persuaded to get the first drink.

– Most importantly, I got to spend some time with this absolute chap.


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