November 12, 2014, by Jennifer Scott

Too much chocolate!

This time of year is filled with careers events. This especially applies to those lucky engineering students who seem to have a careers fair every week… I’m not bitter, I promise! Since there are so many on offer, it’s tough to decide which ones to attend and it can all be a bit overwhelming. This week, I found the perfect solution: ask whether there’ll be free chocolate.

If someone offers me free chocolate, I’ll be there. That’s a promise.

This week, Mondelez held a careers event in Portland and I was able to test a hypothesis I’ve been wanting to find out about for a long time: is it possible to eat too much chocolate?

As I walked in, I was already scoffing a chocolate bar whilst ordering hot chocolate. Next, I lost an egg and spoon race (sad face) and still ended up devouring a chocolate egg. I tried to actually find out about careers and ended up with some chocolate breakfast bars before I found my true talent in knocking giant Cream Eggs over using bean bags to get even more free chocolate. (After by mad bean-bag skills, I’d be surprised if they didn’t recruit me. Who needs commercial awareness when I’m ace at that?)

The rest of the week was a little calmer, after one 12 hour (I’m not even exaggerating!) day at uni knocked me out a bit, I filled the rest of the week with fireworks and warm clothes. The kid inside of me demanded my mum got some sparklers for bonfire night and I headed home for some family fun. A busy but mighty fun week!


My lessons of this week are pretty much as follows: gluttony is a serious issue that I need to address (say no to chocolate when you’re already full!) and too much chocolate is a real thing. I almost ended up heading home ill on Thursday after the event and had to force myself to stay for the afternoon!

It’s back to serious student mode now as I have a presentation at Boots this afternoon so I better get back to practicing. I’ll let you know how it goes next week! Hope you have a good ‘un.

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