November 9, 2014, by Laurie Jacobs

Winter Is Coming…

It is cold up in here.

The wooly hat/dressing gown combination has become a permanent fixture at Harlaxton drive these last few days, as the harsh realities of living away from the positively tropical south coast set in once again.

I can see my breath at pretty much all times now, I actually sprint to the shower, and I’m debating whether or not it’s worth going home just so I can dry my clothes. It’s getting serious.

That age old question, that epicentre of inter-house arguments, threatens to rear its ugly head once more – “Shall we put the heating on?”

It’s a debate subject to a more rigorous democratic procedure than a bill in parliament, and it drills right to the very core of what it means to live in an all male student house – empty bank accounts and the male predisposition, which some say can be traced to the prehistoric times, to deny that they are in fact, cold.

I’ll keep you all updated.

Meteorological woes aside, the return of the cold weather means it’s also starting to get towards the business end of the term – deadline season.

If you don’t have them yourself, there are a few ways to tell that the semester is getting serious.

– The library turns 24 hours. Oh yes. The good times are back.

– The competition to get the books you want turns a bit Darwinian. It’s survival of the fittest. Pressing the ‘request’ button on the library website never felt so good.

– Sacrifices start having to be made – should I take this nap? Is this episode of Breaking Bad conducive to me getting a first? The struggle is real, man.

It’s important to have time off, though (so my rationale goes), and so my time off this weekend was in the form of seeing Mike Skinner DJ at Stealth in the city centre on Friday night.

It was great – apart from the fact that he insisted on stopping the music every few minutes to regale everyone about how much of a good time he was having.

Sort it out, Mike.

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