June 10, 2014, by Ollie

How to: Summer Step 1

Two weeks left in Nottingham. Nothing to do but sleep, eat and ‘drink’ our way through to results day. So what is there to do? More importantly as I can show you pictures, what have I been up to?

After a few weeks in the confines of the library or bedroom glued to books it’s a good idea to get out of the house. A day trip perhaps. Seeing as we’re not far from being as far away as possible from the coast, a day to the seaside isn’t the best idea. So what’s more local? Alton Towers, about a 1 hour trip down the M1, if you have a friend who can drive, or a direct train from Nottingham will get you on the quaintly themed monorail in time for the rides opening at 10am.

Top tip: groups of even numbers work best so cut a friend out or find an associate to make up the numbers so that on the rides you don’t have to awkwardly split up with one person always on their own!

Going now, whilst all the other people in the world we students forget about, such as kids and adults, are working or still at school will result in short queue times and more value for money. We managed to get onto some rides several times in a row which allowed us to perfect our ride photos.

The beginnings of the planned pose.

The beginnings of the planned pose.

Some... unsuccessful attempts

Some… unsuccessful attempts

and when you get the picture right after 3 consecutive times on the ride.

and when you get the picture right after 3 consecutive times on the ride.

So that’s only one activity down and a week gone. Well I’m afraid I’ve been catching up on the sleep part mostly but otherwise I’ve been up to a bit of sport, getting myself a tasty bit of sunburn and having a few drinks here and there. Mentioning a few drinks… the BioSoc socials that I love to share with you all are finally over for the year. It was rounded out by a sports social on Monday and as in the spirit of summer, it’s important to let your hair down and have a bit of fun.

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