May 26, 2014, by Eve

Freedom Thy Name is Cake

Tea and cake are two of the most wonderful creations in British history. They are, in a way, icons of Britishness – but why? Other countries make beautiful cake – and tea isn’t even grown in Britain! I guess that’s what this country is all about, taking wonderful inventions from other places and mixing them up together so everyone on this rather rainy little island can enjoy them too.

Nottingham city centre has a lovely mixture of cake and tea establishments, in varying ranges of cuteness, which I am (now assessments are no more) making it my business to attend. So, if you are in desperate need to tea and cake here are four of my favourite places…


Opposite Tilt and Bodaga, it’s a wonderful, atmospheric little café. The cakes always look amazing and – yes guessed it! – they are all homemade. Except lots of traditional Victoria sponges and chocolate brownies! They also do a menu of sandwiches and lunchy-type foods – the creamy pasta was particularly good, last time I went.

Nottingham Contemporary

Ok. I know it’s an art gallery but if you go downstairs to the lowest level you will find a very fancy bar/café and they have the most delicious cakes! The layout is all glass and white furniture – all terribly modern (rather like their art). The perfect place for feeling artistic and cultured and full of cake!

Lee Rosy’s

If you are looking for tea this is the place. They have a wall of hundreds of tea leafs in little jars and you can smell them and pick your favourite before buying a cup to drink. You can also buy some tea leafs to take home. It’s very vegan friendly – and sometimes very veg friendly, I had a turnip cake once which I, personally, didn’t like… but mostly the cakes are yum!

Aubrey’s Traditional Créperie

Alright, I’m moving away from cake and tea here but this café has delicious sweet and savoury crépes! (Well, technically savoury crepes are galettes, but you get the picture) Just read some of their sweet options on the menu and see how your mouth waters – Flaked almonds served with vanilla ice cream, poached pears and chocolate sauce! Banana with chocolate hazelnut spread!

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