May 14, 2014, by Sarah


So I’m back. This can only mean one thing. Exams are looming…like a looming thing on national looming day.
Looming is a funny word- not used all that often.

So I’ve been doing lots of revision.

Well….watching Eurovision, that basically counts right?

City of Bristol-20140510-00231

Making the word Eurovision out of flaked almonds is surprisingly hard. I got together with some friends and had a mini Euro-party.

This year was amazing. In case you’ve been living in a hole this is the…lady…that won:

Standard bond song-esque Euro ballad, with a bristly twist.

On a similar theme,  there was also a tragic and moving ballad from France about a man who has it all- but would lose it for the ability to grow a moustache. Not a dry eye in the house.

…From laughter.

Poland presented essentially a cross between Cher Lloyd and Playboy magazine. Who needs feminism? -_- Me and my friends played a game where you had to back two countries for the contest without knowing their song. I, ended up having to support this risque/sexist delight- and I was the only girl in the group. Oh, the irony.

Another joy was essentially a cross between the teletubbies, McFly, and your dad. It was like Iceland went into a pub and asked if anyone wanted to have a go- surprisingly catchy.

To be honest the musical quality was a bit higher this year. Which is fine, but for me the lower the quality the more I enjoy it!

Anyway, exam periods often make me retreat to trash tv. Although in fairness I would be watching Eurovision anyway. I have no excuse for this though:


This is a man....

This is a man….I know, right?

It’s basically America’s next top model…for drag queens. I was introduced to it because friends were referencing it in light of the Eurovision winner. I have learnt a lot of new words – a ‘fish’ drag queen is someone who basically looks like a woman. And a ‘back roll’ is a rubbish drag queen. It’s so addictive and ridiculous!

American tv does trash well.

I have been working as well though, honest.

No other news due to work and revision blues. Oh well soon I’ll be free and will dive into trash tv!

And job hunt. Ahem.

Also, the embarrassment in the title is because this happened:

If I didn’t explicitly remember doing this I would swear it was someone similar to me who did it. I am horrified at my own voice. I think I sound horrendously posh, and people say this to me and I rebuke them. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan WHY OH WHY?

Anyway, have a lovely week everyone!

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