April 2, 2014, by Sarah

HMS Awesome

This week, my soundtrack would have been flight of the bumblebee.

It has been crazy busy.

This has been good from a distraction-y point of view but less from a quality of life-y angle. Oh well. Case in point: my eye.


Definitely not tired. At all. *Yawns*

There were some bright points though! My friend who studied musical theatre in London was in a show in Nottingham- so me and my lovely friend Catherine went to see. So glad we did.

The HMS Pinafore at the Nottingham Playhouse

First awesome thing was Gilbert and Sullivan. Now I knew of their work but had never seen it. The closest I got was this:

Anyway it was hilarious! So much silly humour and repeated choruses that got more ridiculous the more you heard them. Musically and comically sensational.

Second awesome thing was it was an all male production, which only added to the hilarity. Cue very masculine looking men mincing around  as women, still dressed as men but with a bow in their hair. So funny! Also some  of the male soprano/falsetto/high/whatever you call it singing was incredible. Singing higher and stronger than I’m sure many female sopranos- it takes you by surprise but there was so much talent in that show.

Third awesome thing was seeing my friend in action. Because of course I know him, but I’ve never  properly seen him sing/dance/act before. He was amazing! It’s weird because I’m in fourth year a lot of friends have graduated or are graduating so we’re all spreading out into our own careers, slowly becoming proper grown-ups (eek!). Seeing Tom in the performance was so good and I felt so proud to know such a talented person- and also it gives you a glimpse into the bright places someone might be going with their future- and hopefully all of us have got exciting things ahead. It was a bit like Toy Story 3- the show reminded me that things as they are, are coming to an end, but that there is new exciting stuff in store too.


hms 1hms 2hms 3








So that was a lovely evening- the rest of the time passed in a blur of eat sleep placement repeat. I’m also now going to be on my own in the house for a few weeks so sometimes it feels a bit like this:


However my stuff in the fridge has plenty of room – silver linings 😛

I am home this week for some family stuff then to Sheffield to visit Marilyn again! Yay!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week 🙂

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