March 17, 2014, by Olivia

Writer’s Block

To say that I have had writers block these past few weeks would be an understatement. I’m still alive and kicking if any of you were wondering if I had suddenly disappeared. So I do apologize for my lack of posting.

I have been up to quite a bit so let me fill you in!

2 weeks ago I tried out Korean food at this restaurant called Sarangchae in the city centre. The reason for this outing (not that you should ever have a good reason to eat out) was that my Korean friend; Cathy was going home. Cathy had also cooked some Korean dishes for us and we were keen on trying more! She was an exchange student for a year, and even though I only knew her for such a short time we have become good friends. I will definitely miss her and her cheeriness at our weekly meet ups.

Photo 08-03-2014 19 25 57

I do not know what was doing, but here’s Cathy smiling away!

Here some of the food we tried out, I’m afraid I can’t remember the names..

Some kind of rice cake, pan cake, soup, kimchi, and chicken!

Some kind of rice cake, pancake, soup, kimchi, and chicken!

Onto more new experiences, my friend Farah from Abu Dhabi decided to indulge us in some amazing Arabic food. She made a baked eggplant dish and a salad. Sorry these descriptions are vague I would tell you the names but I do not know how to spell or even say them!


The eggplant dish in the middle, lentil rice above it and two salads.

On that note, I just want to say that it is so lovely being at a university where you can meet people from all around the world. I am only in my second year and off the top of my head I name 26 people from 26 different countries!┬áBy the end of my four years at university, who knows how many people from all around the world I could’ve passed or befriended? International students or exchange students may not stick around for long but so far they are some of the most amazing people I’ve met.

Aren't we an international bunch..

That diversity though..


Aren’t we an international bunch?

What are you waiting for? Go say hello to a new student!


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