March 12, 2014, by Sarah

A weekend in the ‘sun’

So I went on holiday this weekend.


Sri Lanka?

Sharm El Sheikh?

Actually Sheffield. Oh yeah, be jealous.

It was lovely actually. I stayed with my long-lost housemate Marilyn who is also on placement and we painted the town red. If by that you mean we chatted loads and went round the high street and ate cake. You did mean that? Oh good.

My impressions of Sheffield:

1.  It is full of high class patisserie


2. It is somewhat behind the times

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (1)


3. You can buy Ascot headgear

photo 1 (3)

4. You can source good quality caffeine.

photo 2 (4)

5. It is renowned for its art.

photo 1 (4)












Actually in seriousness, Sheffield seems lovely. It reminded me of my home in Bristol as it’s hilly (so nice views), lots of independent shops and local amenities and I really enjoyed my weekend. And the museum- where those photos are actually from!

Also irony of the week: drunk man on the street grabbed my bum (it wasn’t even 8pm) on  International Women’s Day. Now that’s progress. 50 years ago I wouldn’t have been on the street- I’d have been ironing! -_-

I also saw my friend Jon (from the much missed fungalow) and watched Thor 2.

Also my bed with the new mattress topper is just outrageously comfortable. I keep changing position to try and fool the mattress but it just changes shape! I know that it’s memory foam and it’s meant to do that. But it still surprises me. So much surprise it probably takes me longer to get to sleep because my brain is in overdrive going:

memory foam

WoahmemoryfoamissoawesomeaaaahhhIamsocomfylookifImovethemattressmoveswithmeit’slikemagic-isthismagic?ismemoryfoammadeofmagic,didGandalfsleeponmemoryfoamIdon’tknowI’mstillawakewoahthissocomfy ahhhhhwhatifImovesuddenly?canmemoryfoambeoutsmarted?isitsentient?itmoveswithmeitknowswhatI’mthinkingcanitfeelemotions?whatifthemorecomfortableIamthelesscomfortableitis?reallyneedtosleepnowi’lljustchangepositionohmygoodnesssocomfythisiscrazyifeellikeimbeingcradledbyacloud

Yep.  That’s my brain.

Placement is hard work so you need a soft bed. That’s my logic anyway.

I hope everyone is feeling comfy too!

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