February 26, 2014, by Sarah

Grumpy and hangry

Why are we waiting?
Tense with anticipating
The cold air is grating
Now I’m debating
When will I get home?


Selfie 1

Dinner is calling
But the bus is stalling
Cue me then mauling
Snacks found whilst trawling
The SU shop

stuffing face

Selfie 2

You could say I’m a grouch
Starting to crouch
I just want my couch
Hands make me say ouch
Alcohol gel

Hygienic pain

Hygienic pain

Commuting’s a joke
Seems years since I woke
Crammed on transport with folk
I’m simply a spoke
In the wheel of work


Selfie 3

Home, tired, on the floor
Body now begins to thaw
Starting to forget the chore
Of travelling- I then want more
Of placement

Written whilst waiting 40mins for a bus that’s meant to come every 10mins. My longest commute home so far has been 3 hours. Shortest time is 1hr 15. It’s quite a range. I’m mostly on time in the mornings now though- takes 1hr 30ish.

Otherwise social life is limited. Church is a highlight. I’m sad I can’t be involved Events Week this week. It’s a week where Christian Unions across the country put on events designed to encourage people to ask questions, encourage community, and reach out- showing God’s love to their University. The events often involve good food and good conversation- I recommend going along to something if you’re around, it might get you fed and get you thinking. And what is life for if we don’t at least think about things?

is it true

Right now I’m thinking about my dinner.  What’s the quickest way to cure my hanger? (Hunger +anger) The answer turned out to be porridge. Which is definitely not just a breakfast food – right? Guys?

I am also thinking about how to breathe in a minimal way as this bus smells really bad. Really bad. As in I’m trying not to gag.

I hope everyone is having a much more fragrant week!

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