February 19, 2014, by Sarah

No social life/ top 5 things to watch on TV

I’m on placement. That is all.


So currently I’m in bed by 9, up and out early and don’t really do much in the evenings. Highlights of the week were getting Frozen stickers from parents for Valentine’s (too cool), free coffee and scone in John Lewis (get a my John Lewis card)  and a rainbow on SB.


Things taste better when they’re free


SB hopper bus surrounded by full arch rainbow :)

SB hopper bus surrounded by full arch rainbow 🙂

But, to unwind, I do try and catch up with things on TV. As an avid Radio TImes reader (I just couldn’t wean myself off it when I started Uni) if I didn’t watch it (and I don’t have time to watch much these days, and have a massive catch up list) , I probably know about it being on. So here are some good things on at the moment/ or that have been on recently. Links are attached to box of broadcasts (log in with University username and password so easy access 🙂 ).



Growing up Down’s

This is about a theatre company putting on Hamlet, a notoriously difficult play. What makes it interesting is that the member’s of the theatre company all have learning difficulties – predominantly Down’s syndrome. A really interesting insight with moving, funny and interesting moments.

growing up downs

Inside No 9

Warning – this is dark comedy, I mean really dark. If you like League of Gentlemen/Psychoville then you’ll love it. If you want something light – avoid. But it’s genius, really.

inside no 9


House of Fools

Vic and Bob – silly surreal genius. Again slightly marmite but a truly ridiculous laugh – if you want to take your brain out and watch something entertaining you can’t do much better.

 house of fools

Tough Young Teachers

Much more addictive than I thought it would be, it’s a fly-on-the-wall documentary following young teachers on the seemingly crazy Teach First program. Recent graduate? Intelligent? Want to be a teacher? Want to learn on the job? Here’s six weeks training and a school built on a land-fill site in inner-city London – be our guest!

Tears, joy, and really interesting stories of pupils and trainees – you’re drawn in to the highs and lows of the plight of the student teacher. Also being a similar age/stage to those on the show makes you wonder how you’d cope….rather them than me!

tough young teachers

Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Documentary inside Marylebone town hall which registers births, deaths and marriages. As with these types of programs, it’s the stories of people that really draw you in – it’s emotional and shows that these major life events happen to everyone and unify us all.



Realised I’m watching quite a lot of documentaries at the moment – but when you’re not committed to a series it’s easier viewing. I am a call the midwife devotee but it would be a commitment to start that now, three series in. The Musketeers is entertaining but on quite a shallow level, I might put it on when I’m sorting washing or something. My mad, fat diary is also back – based on the true story of a teenager with weight and mental health issues trying to live a normal life in 90s Britain. The last series was amazing but haven’t got into this one yet.

Maybe next week I’ll have more to say – but I feel like it’s EAT SLEEP PLACEMENT REPEAT – so can’t say much more!

I hope you’re all enjoying rainbows 🙂

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