February 12, 2014, by Sarah

What do you love?

This week I have been asked to link with the study what you love blog  – which is helpful actually because I’m on placement so my life is my course. Seriously. Placement takes over everything. So if I didn’t love it I’d be in trouble.

My Story

I’m a bit unusual in that I decided my career path when I was 13. I found out about Dietetics and it seemed to encompass all my interests and be a way to work with people and make a difference in the world.  I chose my GCSEs and A levels purely as a way to get to be a Dietitian. I then went on open days but only liked Nottingham. So, as you do, I rejected all other offers. No insurance choice, eggs in one basket! What won me over was the quality of teaching and interview, and I didn’t want to live in London with all the urban expense. But it worked out and I’m here 🙂 eggs basket Since then I’ve fallen further in love with the job, the people, learning about the intricacies of disease and the interaction of diet, calculating requirements, helping people to be nourished enough to heal and recover from illness, patient education sessions, writing in proper medical notes (still a bit in awe)  and hopefully making a difference to people.  As you also may have gathered, it isn’t always easy. I often doubt myself and I get tired and worried sometimes. But the course of true love never did run smooth. Rollercoaster

Why bother?

It’s really important to care about the course you’re studying because it’s your time, money and future you’re investing. Why would you go to a gig of a band you don’t like? Why would you order a meal that disgusts you in a restaurant? Why would you tattoo an ugly design on your arm?


Case in point.

So studying a course because it’s something to do I don’t think is worth it Of course there is an element of transferable skills and gaining things from any course- but you need to at least like it. Because 3 years is a long time. Sadly, some people find the course they sign up for isn’t what they thought, and that’s ok. There is flexibility with swapping courses and maybe when you graduate you want to go in a different direction. It is your life- and that’s precious. So thinking about what you do and going in the direction best for you (of course not ignoring others) is pretty important.

Lovely (ish) Weekend

So I feel blessed because I love my course. I know some people really struggle with their course and want out, and I’m not belittling that as I know it’s hard for people and also course is a big decision to make when you’re 17/18 or whatever. It was love for my course to go to an educational day out in London on Saturday, the one day I can lie in. Train at 07:30, got in at around 23:00. Pain. We also underestimated the hill up to Alexandra Palace, and the wind. Cue some kind of mountainous vortex walk!




Ally Pally

It was an interesting day out, and we had late-afternoon evening to have some fun 🙂

Walking through Chinatown (a little bit lost)-  so busy!

Walking through Chinatown (a little bit lost)- so busy!

Eating smarties in M&M world – please excuse massive eye bags.



Going to the shrine of materialism that is Harrod’s – ok mostly the Disney part as the food court I find too overwhelming. So many things I want. SO MUCH CHOICE SENSORY OVERLOAD AAHHHH IMG-20140208-00095 IMG-20140208-00096                       I also had a cinnabon which I haven’t had since holiday in USA years ago 😀  Oh the taste of America!  i.e. a massive warm sugar coated cinammon bun  aka metabolic syndrome   IMG-20140208-00099IMG-20140208-00100IMG-20140208-00101 Yummy. I hope everyone is doing something they love 🙂 Right now, I love to SLEEP! Until next week!

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