February 5, 2014, by Sarah

Soundtrack to my life/ happy new year!

As you may know, I have recently got into classic fm. Now I know nothing about classical music, who wrote what or anything- but I have been know to say ‘TUNE’ when something I like comes on. And classical music I feel is very emotive, and some pieces I have heard have really echoed my mood. So I present to you symphony no 1- pictures and music that have summed up my life this week:

Ok- not all of it is classical, but like I said- I’m not an expert.

Waking up in the morning:

Getting on the hopper bus:


Getting frustrated with the slowness of the journey:

Running from hopper bus to medilink stop

NB: this actually was playing one time I was pegging it- never has music fitted a situation so well.

The medilink not arriving/not following any kind of timetable.



Working on tutorials/wards etc

think 1


More work

think 2

patient bear

Running through QMC without looking completely mental

Two  scenarios here:

I get the hopper!

I miss it by around 30s!

Bus home

sleping dog

Evening: cooking/laundry/iplayer

against the clock

Going to bed – this is such a beautiful song

And rinse and repeat.

Every day has the same structure but the variety of what I do or see is vast.

Placement seems a bit like making mayonnaise or custard from scratch: it looks like it’s not coming together, it’s very stressful with the threat of curdling, you can’t rush it, gently does it- but the result is worth it. Also the bonus of being a student is that if you do ‘split’ there’s a packet/bottle in the cupboard I.e. Plenty of other Dietitians to help and support you.

Ok now I want custard.

The only downside at present is the transport and evenings do feel very short. It’s just not worth staying up late. So for that reason I’m missing funny farm for the first time in my whole degree. Serious stuff.

However, life isn’t all placement- I had the pleasure of celebrating Chinese NY with some International friends.


Delicious food, fun and games and we got red envelopes with chocolate money! Winner.

I couldn’t bring myself to try the chicken feet though. Also if I’d eaten with chopsticks the food would be on the floor. But making and eating Chinese dumplings was goood.

I also played Disney monopoly. That is all.



I hope everyone has a soothing life soundtrack at the moment- also happy year of the horse!

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