January 22, 2014, by Sarah

Viva Forever

First there was this:


Then this:

Apple and cranberry Wensleydale cake - who knew?

Apple and cranberry Wensleydale cake – who knew?

Then this:

Actual picture of my bed*  *not actual picture of my bed

Actual picture of my bed*
*not actual picture of my bed

Then some of this and this:

psp television

I’ve been playing a game I got for Christmas called Crisis Core. It’s hilariously anime at some points (creatures with one emo wing, quoting from a book called “loveless”) but is great to take your brain out to. Also been catching up on tv: the Musketeers (New BBC1) is worth a watch just for Peter Capaldi, the Undateables and tough young teachers have all been entertaining.


Stress relief: Killing monsters with a massive sword

Stress relief: Killing monsters with a massive sword

So basically what I’m saying is that my dissertation is submitted and I have been vegging/hibernating.

Although,  the dissertation saga is not over yet.

I have a “viva” on Friday which is like an oral examination on your dissertation, discussing what you did and why with your dissertation tutor and another member of academic staff. It’s recorded and counts for 10% of your dissertation grade. Eek. But there doesn’t seem to be that much to do for the viva, other than know and understand what you wrote in your dissertation.

This seems like a trick.

After 4 years of always having loads of work to do, having a piece which seems fairly straightforward to prepare for doesn’t sit comfortably. I keep getting work guilt, where I feel I should be doing something.

Still, I’ll be busy next week when placement starts.



However, viva made me think of Viva Forever, the failed Spice Girls musical.

Now as a true 90s kid, as a girl I loved the Spice Girls. So I wondered what their musical would be like if it was based around a dissertation and viva examination. Because my brain makes all the sense.

I thought that Viva forever would include such tracks as:

2:2 becomes 2:1

Stop (procrastinating)

Revise up your life

Mama – a song about the sad calls home when in the depths of work despair

Who do you think you are – a song for when revision/dissertation brain sets in and you can’t remember basic things

and Wannabe (a graduate)

Girl Power!

Girl Power!


So next week I’ll be filling you in on how the Viva went (hopefully with a Zigazig Ah) and how placement has started!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I must just remember to breathe.

Also why were highlighters, sweets and proplus at the front of the Portland shop?!


Ok, I know why but it makes me sad. So for all those still plodding on through the exam period -I salute you!

Until next week 🙂


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