December 23, 2013, by Olivia

An Unusual Christmas



This year will be the first Christmas I’ve spent away from home and my parents. It’s not all bad though because I at least have my sister and I still get to spend time with family. I guess it’s quite nice to know that thousands of miles away from home there is still nothing quite like Christmas spirit. The lights, the decorations, Christmas movies on the telly and of course the sound of Christmas carols everywhere. Everywhere from the shopping centres to the train station and since November too, NOT that I’m complaining of course.

I usually spend Christmas eve opening presents at midnight and then waking up to a variety of Indian food (yes Indian food) on Christmas morning, lovingly prepared by my grandmother slaving away the night before. Of course we do have the traditional dishes like roast chicken, lamb and mashed potatoes.. However what I most look forward to most on Christmas Day is my grandmother’s signature crab curry, which is the most amazing thing on this Earth. Honestly.

However unusual it may be, I look forward to experiencing a traditional British Christmas WITH all the trimmings and in this cold weather. I hope those of you travelling have save travels and as for those of you already snug at home.. Savour all the amazing food and great company.

Merry Christmas!

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