December 18, 2013, by Sarah

A Recipe for Christmas

tree poem


Primary school regression – right there.

So it was a very busy last week of term, and as it’s that time of year I’ve written my happenings as a recipe. So if you want to make Sarah’s Christmas SB Stew read on:

1. Start with your family traditional christmas music – the groovier the better – ciphon this into the ears over a number of days for full impact.

2. Beat in a large portion of your house Christmas dinner – this step will be even more successful with home made yorkshire puddings and Christmas decorations from poundland to help amalgamate the mixture.

dinner (2) dinner


3. Fold in a carol service, a church service and a Christian Union party – prayer makes this step work better.


4. Take a delicious selection of old friends and mix thoroughly. Be sure to include catching up, reminiscence and laughter.

NB if your old friends have graduated this step may require more organisation – but the end result is worth it!

bungalol olivia


5. Crush in three hours worth of fantasy magic, popcorn and ice cream. Be sure to time toilet breaks appropriately in this step.hobbit

6. Chop the shiny parts of your home town and sprinkle over.


7. Layer this on a base of two 18 inch pizzas and bake at 180C for 45 mins.

big pizza

This is a big plate


8. Make a sauce of coffee, cake and conversation in equal measure and pour over.


9. Dollop on some shopping


10. Garnish with home-made mince pies

mince pies


11. Bon appetit! Be aware that this dish does have a slight after taste of coursework and dissertation panic, but power through it and distract yourself with decorating.


Now I have a mountain of things to do – the Christmas holidays are always the busiest!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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