December 11, 2013, by Sarah

The most obvious time of the year!

Do you often feel dizzy and light-headed? Are you often red in the face? Have your fingers ever turned blue?

You need to try….breathing.

Breathing is a 100% effective at keeping you alive, it’s free and easy to do, and all jobs require you to be able to breathe.

Try breathing today – satisfaction guaranteed!



Some of you more youtube-y people might recognise the Jon la Joie reference (too rude to post!) – however it’s funny how sometimes the obvious thing, that you know will make a situation better, is often avoided.

Take sleep, you know you need it, you know it’s important, but how many students have not enough sleep, or a bad sleep routine? It’s obvious that you need rest, but not everyone does it, and no one does it all the time.

sleep 2


Or people know that smoking is bad for them, or that they should try and eat some fruit and veg, that whatever friendship or work situation is unhealthy or unpleasant – but it’s not addressed for a plethora of reasons. It’s human, I think.

Well, I do it.




Anyway, this term has been very stressful, and I needed a break and to get away. But it took me quite a while to get there and see the obvious.

But in the end I found the answer:


The ladz are back on tour


So I had a lovely weekend with Gram 🙂

It involved:

Church and this adorable nativity scene

nativity 2


Cream-filled mince pies

mince pie


And Chinese chequers – one of my favourite board games ever!

Chinese chequers


I needed it, and it was obvious…but I was in denial. However it was lovely, we had a three fish roast, and I read a load of no. 1 ladies detective agency books – which are really nice stories and great to relax with. Me and Gram also did lots of chatting – of course.

Now one more week, Christmas prep, a few more deadlines, a dissertation plan to check through, a carol service, the hobbit (so. excited.), a family meal, a house Fakemas meal, a couple more sensory tests, a tad more statistics, then HOME.

Not much then – but time is ticking- advent chocolates well and truly underway 🙂

Hope you’re all seeing the obvious and having a merry advent!

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