October 16, 2013, by Sarah



Turn your face to the coursework

Let your memory lead you

Open brain, engage thought

If you find there the meaning of what nutrition is

Then a new piece of work will begin


Memory, all alone in the library

I can smile at facebook

Candy Crush is beautiful there

I remember the time I knew what NICE guidelines said

Oh Let that memory live again!


So I’m going home this weekend to see Cats at the Bristol Hippodrome.

I am well excited.

However there is the not so small matter of coursework and my dissertation. I am trying to do plenty before I go so I can have  good rest and enjoy the weekend…but there’s a lot to do. I am also going to see “To sir, with love” in Nottingham tonight which is probably a bit much – but I was invited last minute and I love the theatre – and £10 is a bit of a bargain.

It’s all been a bit busy actually – I went to a comedy night on Saturday in Nottingham for a friends birthday.

glee club

It was good – quite filthy, but entertaining. However the bus crashed on the way back (awkward) so we waited for a replacement bus. And waited. And waited.


Then we got a taxi.

So I got home at 1:45 am – then up in the morning for church. I was very sleepy and consequently slept through my alarm for prayer meeting Monday morning – oops.

This week I have other wise been wading through the murky depths of scientific literature, filtering through the silt of papers like “nutrition in septic rats” to find glimmering nuggets of relevancy. I slightly feel like I’m drowning-  but I’m getting there. Then there’s the question of coursework…*shifty eyes*.

However I did have an assessed presentation last week which went ok – with my course they make you do so many that they do become a bit less scary. But only a bit. I am also applying for my next placement – it feels so soon after my summer placement it’s as if the funeral baked meats did coldly furnish the marriage tables (love a cheeky bit of Hamlet).




Anyway, I will update you how my weekend goes – I hope everyone’s memories are serving them well and I will leave you with this picture of the ladybird on my door today


I like to think it’s playing hide and seek and thinking “they’ll never find me here”

Have a lovely week everyone!

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