October 14, 2013, by Olivia

Take me to Ikea!


As this was the last weekend my parents were in the UK (they head home today) we had a little family trip to Ikea. Cause what do you do when your parents are around? Any university student knows this.. You let them feed you and buy you stuff!

First up was to get some food as it was a long bus ride (Rainbow 1) from the Victoria Centre Bus Station. Everyone I know who’s been to Ikea, raves about the Swedish meatballs, so I had to try them for myself! While we were having lunch, there was a power outage. On the plus side, most people had already left the cafe when the power came back so the queue for a second helping of meatballs wasn’t too long! Our lucky day.


Our SECOND helping of meatballs.

Where did the electricity go?










I had wanted to go to Ikea since the start of the new term as I needed to get a bedside table. However being the shopaholic that I am, I ended up getting way more than I anticipated.. Who knew shopping for homeware would be this fun? Pretty excited to use that coffee press, no more falling asleep in morning lectures!

So much stuff!

So much stuff, and this are just the ones I could fit in the shot.

My new turqoise bedside table!

My new turquoise bedside table



..and of course my sweet bedside table which my handy father put together. Now the question is how do I take it apart myself when I move? Anyway I hope you don’t have the Monday Blues. Even if you do, cheer up, it’s only 3 days until Friday! 😉

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