October 9, 2013, by Sarah

Students just wanna have fun!

Now I know humour is subjective…for example apparently this is funny:

I think it’s just….wrong. I think the next advert will be  in some kind of mental health setting:

“Josh always eats Flora before his therapy sessions – as he needs energy to reach his emotional depths.”

However I was alerted to this ‘delightful’ and seemingly legit advert by the Sutton Bonington Funny Farm (stand-up comedy night)

Now, I love funny farm. I’ve been to every single one since I’ve been at SB. However, this is the first one where I’ve felt worse leaving than entering. If you imagine laughter releases endorphins – I think this released some kind of toxin. Called depressin.

sad cake

Me after funny farm – for more go to Cakewrecks

One of the things that was particularly upsetting – but this was by far the tip of the iceberg – was the unnecessary Christian-bashing. All I want to say is that imagine if something precious and important and special to you was publicly ridiculed for a cheap laugh – would you be amused?  And it wasn’t even funny. Also “if you cry yourself to sleep you don’t get a hangover” is not a punchline. I had to get in and watch Bake Off to cheer me up!

Anyway – it won’t stop me going, but I’ve never been to anything like it. I’m going to another comedy night this weekend so hopefully that will be better!

However some things I have found funny is the papers I have had to narrow down in my dissertation such as:

“total parenteral nutrition in a premature rhinocerous calf”


Who writes this stuff?

Also I have found myself watching weird cute animal videos whilst procrastinating such as:

Why did I watch a hedgehog floating in a bath? Why?

This week I have mainly been trying to do work – but have seen a few friends briefly from the bungalow last year (you may remember some of their escapades e.g. the 99 bottles of cola) and they’ve all got jobs and are proper adults now. Scary.I know I graduate in under a year but it still seems a loooong way off.

This week in lectures we also learnt about nudge theory – which is a way to try and get people to change their behaviour by prompting them with incentives/ peer pressure etc. I realised I am the queen of nudge theory because:

  1. I signed up for free lovefilm for the amazon voucher
  2. I watch adverts for nectar points
  3. My internet usage is monitored for market research for money
  4. I always do the offer for free or half price graze boxes
  5. I just got coffee in the post because it was your first bag for £1 (then I cancelled….I am not paying £6.99!)
  6. Disney cakes and sweets magazine….so many freebies – although it hasn’t come in ages 🙁
  7. I always do the sensory testing on SB – even though the current one I’m doing is disgusting – tasting savoury smells, cold beef flavoured water anyone?
  8. I do online surveys for money
  9. Most of my weekly shops will be on special offer
  10. Disney Movie Rewards – best. thing. ever.

Now I don’t know if this is student living or if I’m a slave to marketing. But anyway – yay free things!

Am I playing into their hands?

Am I playing into their hands?

Now I’ve got a beast of a pile of work to do and I’m going to that sensory test shortly. Mmmmmm.

So are you a slave to marketing like me? Is this normal?

Do you disagree with me and you enjoyed funny farm? (I’m really glad someone did)

Anyway I hope you all have a lovely week!

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