September 11, 2013, by Sarah


So there are 12 days of Christmas

12 disciples

12 chairs at a table before superstitious people get twitchy

…And 12 weeks of summer placement in the third year of studying to be a Dietitian.

Well I have been very productive:

Aint no party like a puzzle partay

Aint no party like a puzzle partay


Worked very hard:

This cake was actually gone off. They offered to replace it but I didn't want anything else after caramel gateauz a la athelete's foot. Sad times.

This cake was actually gone off. They offered to replace it but I didn’t want anything else after caramel gateaux a la athelete’s foot. Sad times.

And given some great Dietetic advice:



The above was a genuine advert I saw in Kettering for a gym. So offensive. I am tempted to send an angry email – but then I also feel no one will respond to the advert and going out of business can be their punishment. Just to say, I would never ever ever ever suggest any Dietetic advice even remotely similar to that advert. Ever. *shudders*


So, not to be cliched,  it’s been a rollercoaster, I was led to water and eventually drank, I wasn’t too old to learn new tricks, and all was well that ended well.

It was good actually.

Stress as you’d expect, the most curvaceous trajectory of learning I’ve ever encountered, but yeah I want to be a Dietitian. A lot. Even more now probably. Working with patients and helping them is such an epic win.

It’s going to be weird going back to Uni, then back out to placement, then exams and whatnot and, providing something doesn’t go horribly wrong, graduating and applying for jobs. But you know, at the beginning of the summer I was struggling to think I’d get through placement – but somehow things do seem to happen and work out – and sometimes you’re better than you think.

So I’ve been pretty busy with work, and gradually getting more tired so haven’t been doing a lot of fun outings I suppose. But sometimes I just need to vegetate and conserve energy where I can. My Grandma, as always, is a babe and the Dietetic department at Kettering are incredible, and my church and roots group here have been sensational also.

However I have been watching bake off, a lot of Disney, and subscribed to this magazine Disney Cakes and Sweets. I know it’s probably a rip off etc. BUT I WANTED IT SO MUCH!!! I GET A MICKEY WAFFLE IRON ON ISSUE 7. WANT WANT WANT AHHHH. I’ll just be frugal elsewhere. On a sad note finance for fourth year is not very shiny – if it was a song it would be one jump ahead from Aladdin, but hey ho. I’m not really a big spender.

So there will be  more news from me when I’m home!

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