July 8, 2013, by Shane

Signing Off

Hello dear readers, if you’re still out there. It is more likely you are holidaying on some golden beach or undergoing an internship; or at the very least enjoying your summer holiday way too much to be surfing blogs. On the other hand, we are all part of Generation Y, permanently plugged in to the internet. Wherever you are I’m posting my long overdue farewell.

This year has been a crazy, fun, blur, and I have to think for a while to slow down the blur and bring the memories into focus to remember all the cool things I did this year. Three fantastic experiences which stand out this year include: blogging for University, being part of a society’s committee and directing and producing a play for the Nottingham New Theatre. I had so much fun doing all three ¬†of these activities as well as attempting to balance the academic and social aspects that also come with University.
Rowing round campus lake - one for the UoN bucket list.

Rowing round campus lake – one for the UoN bucket list.

While I had seriously stressful times, like most uni students do, these pale in comparison to how much fun I had and how much I learnt this year; outside of lectures as well as in them. Through these three main highlights of my year, I met so many different, interesting people I never would have had the chance to otherwise. I’ve challenged myself to do things I never thought I could do before and gained some pretty cool friends and memories along the way. I think what I learnt the most was that the only way to make the most of Uni is to put yourself out there.

I only wish I had done more. Yet there is such a thing as spreading yourself too thin, so after my year abroad perhaps fourth year will be a chance to try new things in Nottingham. Friends and readers returning for your second/final years next year: I hope you make the most of it. I was warned before University about how fast it would go, but all the warnings in the world can’t prepare you for how fast it flashes before your eyes. Do everything and anything you’ll never get the chance to experience otherwise – because when else will you?!
As for the rest of the summer, I hope this amazing weather is around to stay for a while and everyone spends their days barbecuing and working on those tans. Thank you so much to all my readers this year, I hope I made you chuckle at least once. And thank you to the guys at Nottingham Uni who gave me this awesome opportunity to blog! See you in a year Notts!


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