June 9, 2013, by Ollie

The Last Tales of a Fresher

13 days til the end. Til no matter how much I won’t want to I will have to leave Nottingham for the summer. The University summer is a long and arguably deserved one. Many of us will be pursuing jobs to fund the cheeky takeaways and impromptu night outs in the next year, some will be travelling, some will be taking on the next chapter of their lives post University.

Now that exams are over the calendar for me is rather empty. It consists of when the daily kickabout is timetabled for and what time do pre-drinks start. A very important schedule to adhere to I must say. However the following 2 weeks won’t just wash away as being pointless. Several important things are happening.

Next week are many Hall’s Summer Balls and on the societal front there are many end of term activities going on. I, myself have a BioSoc’s Got Talent night to star in on Monday before looking forward to a trip to Alton Towers at the end of the term.

So there are some plans but what predominantly has taken up my time and for the forseeable future will do is saying Goodbye. For some it’s goodbye for now – see you next year! But for many others it’s goodbye for ‘the forseeable future’. This year I was privileged enough to get to know many Erasmus students during my first year. Being in Newark Hall, coined the ‘International Hall’, has been a unique experience. Sharing my first year at University with students not only from different areas of the UK but also from the Americas, students from Europe and students from virtually everywhere has been something that has been very special and definitely been a defining part of my Fresher year. Not only have I got to meet amazing people I’ve maybe even expanded my own horizons, now wanting to go and visit the friends I’ve made in areas of the world new to me. Simply being around some of these special people has given me new ambitions I never thought I would.

So as many depart I wanted to say… Goodbye and thanks for leaving a lasting impression on me. I may not see you next year but who knows what the future holds!

In other news today our hall enjoyed a BBQ in the sun hosted by the Atrium staff. With an endless supply of popcorn, candyfloss and Cornetto ice creams!

Nick Harper modelling the Candyfloss

Nick Harper modelling the Candyfloss…

As the ice-creams were subject to melting they needed eating and star eater James Barbour got threw 10 before brainfreeze caused him to seek other ways of making the most of the cornettos!

Imaginative Unicorn James...

Imaginative Unicorn James…

... regretful James

… regretful James

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